Singapore’s First Multi-Energy Filling Station

Mar 2021

Union Gas Holdings Limited, an established provider of fuel products in Singapore, has exclusively appointed Surbana Jurong Group as part of a collaboration to study and evaluate the potential redevelopment of the existing fuel station at 50 Old Toh Tuck Road into Singapore’s first multi-fuels and energy facility.

The site is the current location of Union Gas’ fuel station under its “Cnergy” brand, which offers both compressed natural gas and diesel primarily to natural gas vehicles and industrial customers for commercial use. With the lease expiring in December 2023, Union Gas is now exploring the feasibility of redeveloping and transforming it into an innovative, adaptable and sustainable multi-fuels and energy facility, which will support its ambitions to cater to the evolving energy requirements and challenges of the future as well as Singapore’s aspirations for cleaner energy options.

Surbana Jurong and Union Gas will work jointly on a business plan and model to assess the feasibility of adding various sustainable energy delivery and storage methods and solutions to the site. These may include renewable solar and micro-wind energy solutions, battery storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations; and a natural gas-based power generation station supported by existing transmission pipeline and subsequent export to the power grid.

As part of the plan, the parties will also explore the feasibility of hosting alternative low carbon initiatives such as on-site production of hydrogen fuel through electrolysis and the corresponding dispensation of hydrogen fuel into hydrogen cell vehicles. This multi-energy filling station is also expected to be self-powered by solar and/or wind energy.

(Source: Surbana Jurong)

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