Singapore Launches Multi-Ministry Green Plan 2030

Feb 2021

The Singapore Green Plan 2030,  launched on February 10, 2021, will be spearheaded by five ministries – the Ministries of Education, National Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Trade and Industry, and Transport – and will be supported by the whole Singapore government.

The initiative will advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development. It charts ambitious and concrete targets over the next 10 years. The plan has presented five key pillars, including:

  • City in Nature
  • Sustainable Living
  • Energy Reset
  • Green Economy
  • Resilient Future

According to its official website (, some of the targets set out for Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 include increasing solar energy deployment five-fold by 2030, reducing waste sent to landfills by 30% by 2030, meeting 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs through locally produced food by 2030, adding 1,000 ha of green spaces by 2035, as well as getting all vehicles to run on cleaner energy by 2040. The overall objective is to secure a green, liveable, and sustainable home for Singaporeans.

According to official sources, the Green Plan has incorporated comments by participants in the recent Emerging Stronger Conversations, which was a series of conversations where Singaporeans and Permanent Residents share their experiences, hopes and plans for a more caring, cohesive, and resilient society post-COVID-19. A key priority of the Green Plan is mobilizing and empowering the Public, Private, and People sectors to co-create solutions for sustainability.

More details on the Green Plan can be found at

(Sources: Ministry of National Development (MND); The Straits Times)

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