Singapore-based startup ABM Respiratory Care Designs IoT-enabled Tele-Ventilator

May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted not only a shortage of ventilators but also an enormous strain on healthcare professionals managing many ventilators at once. Medtech startup ABMis attempting to address this issue through the development of BiWaze ION, describing it as the world’s first IoT-enabled tele-ventilator. Leveraging new technology, BiWaze ION enables healthcare professionals to securely monitor and adjust ventilator settings through their online portal from any location.

BiWaze ION is a 4 kg, battery-operated, touchscreen-based ventilator, which includes advanced ventilator modes as well as all essential safety and alarm features as per international regulatory standards. The IoT-enabled tele-ventilator can be used in either invasive or non-invasive mode. It can be deployed in an intensive care unit, as well as in ambulatory or subacute settings for pediatric and adult patients, providing time-valuable, responsive, consistent telemetry.

The tele-ventilator has been in development for the past 30 months and has gone through a rigorous product development cycle. Currently, ABM Respiratory Care is in the process of setting up two manufacturing lines, planning to launch its tele-ventilator in Asia, including Singapore and India, followed by the Middle East and Africa.

(Sources: ABM Respiratory Care, BioSpectrum Asia, Asia Pacific Biotech News)

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