Philippine Food Service Leader to Spend PHP 7 Billion in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

May 2020

Philippines-based Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), one of Asia’s largest food service companies disclosed that it is going to spend PHP 7 billion (USD 138.1 million) to implement significant changes to its global business structure.

The planned changes will take place in JFC’s businesses around the world, most importantly in its largest markets – the Philippines, China and North America. These changes will be made with the assumption that consumers around the world will not quickly revert to pre-COVID 19 behavior once lock downs and other forms of restrictions are lifted in different countries.

The planned changes will include the rationalization of the number of restaurants within certain geography or area, the rationalization of resources deployed in the restaurants, implementation of safety and social distancing protocol in the dining area, investment in digital commerce and technology, the increase in the capacity for delivery-to-home and office, take out and drive through, the installation of mobile applications to facilitate food ordering and payment, the establishment of “cloud kitchen” or unmarked delivery outlets with no dine-in facility located in discreet, low rent sites and the rationalization of production and distribution facilities. The changes will also include the transformation of support and management groups in the field and in the offices.

The JFC Group announced that it will continue to open new stores on a very selective basis for the balance of 2020. It expects to open a worldwide total of 171 company-owned new stores and renovate 96 existing stores in 2020. It also aims to secure for its future stores excellent locations that will become available due to weak economic environment.

(Source: Jollibee Foods Corporation)

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