One Bangkok and SCG to Collaborate on Sustainable Construction Management

Jul 2021

One Bangkok, the largest private sector property development in Thailand, just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Siam Cement Group (SCG), the largest cement and building material company in the country, for the implementation of construction waste management practices according to circular economy principles. The partnership aims to set new standards of sustainability in construction at One Bangkok by recycling concrete waste into precast panels and developing of holistic waste and pollution management plan.

CPAC Smart Structure and CPAC Construction Solution, two business units of SCG, will apply the technology of pile crushing that is suitable for construction use to obtain the aggregate for recycling. The aggregate will be then used as a mixture in the production at CPAC Smart Structure’s precast plant and distributed by SCG Distribution. The recycled precast concrete panels will be used to clad the building façade and walls within One Bangkok.

A sustainable waste management plan is also developed with the aim of reducing construction site waste and dust emission by prioritizing the elimination of waste generation, recycling and reusing waste created on the job, using construction methods that allow for deconstruction and using products and materials that reduce waste, as well as reducing the use of workforce, concrete scrap at the site and dust generated by the construction.

CPAC Construction Solution is working closely with Khor Recycle to implement an on-site waste management system, where construction waste, hazardous waste and food waste are segregated using a real-time display system, allowing staff in charge to track the volume of waste generated each day and manage the waste to meet zero waste plan.

The collaboration between One Bangkok and SCG also addresses the excess and low-value resources resulting from the expansion of the construction industry. These initiatives aim at making the construction industry more sustainable and pave the way towards a more circular economy.

(Source: Frasers Property)

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