NanoMalaysia Inaugurates BICEP to Promote Use of Biomass for Sustainable Agriculture

Jan 2023

In December 2022, Nano Malaysia Berhad (NMB) launched an initiative – Biomass Innovation Circular Economy Program (BICEP). The program is geared towards building sustainable agriculture by producing materials from waste biomass materials. BICEP aligns with Malaysia’s 12th Plan, which exploits biomass economic opportunities. In essence, this initiative could be a game-changing initiative for Malaysia.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), a special financing scheme program for the development of areas in Science, Technology, and Innovation, which generates a high impact on the economy. BICEP is in tandem with the main thrusts of the National Biotechnology Policy 2.0, which consists of agricultural biotechnology and food security, healthcare and well-being, and biotechnology in industrialization and the circular economy. Furthermore, BICEP is also compatible with the aspirations of the National Nanotechnology Policy and Strategy 2030 in nanomaterials production, linking up to the food and agriculture jumpstart sector.

The biomass industry holds strong potential in the ASEAN biomass market. Malaysia is in a strong position to attract new technologies and investments based on the abundance of biomass resources, favorable policies on renewable energy, research and development in the areas of bioenergy and biotechnology, and the potential to raise the income level of rural workers and reduce unemployment.

(Source: The Sun Daily)

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