Malaysian Firm My Myracle Invents Halal Plant-derived Postbiotics

Sep 2023

My Myracle is the only postbiotics manufacturing company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, focusing solely on plant-derived bacteria. Partnering with the University of Putra Malaysia, My Myracle utilizes non-heat-killed techniques to derive metabolites from live bacteria. This approach ensures products are suitable for halal, kosher, and vegetarian consumers, moving away from the conventional reliance on human or animal feces.

My Myracle has discerned the postbiotics from six unique Lactobacillus plantarum strains, sourced from traditional Malaysian fermented foods. Leveraging these strains, the company crafted an innovative technique to separate postbiotics from live bacteria, bypassing the commonly used heat-killed process. Products derived from three of these strains have been brought to market under the Postbion and Mettabion brands, promoting benefits such as enhanced gut health and anti-inflammatory effects.

One of the primary benefits of postbiotics is their ability to enhance and magnify a person’s existing beneficial bacteria, in contrast to the conventional method of introducing new bacteria via probiotics. The introduction of powerful foreign bacteria can sometimes have adverse effects, as they may outcompete and potentially displace essential resident bacteria. Recognizing the evolving landscape of the market, My Myracle is deeply involved in numerous clinical studies, including investigations into the adjunctive role of postbiotics in cancer treatments, highlighting their commitment to advancing this pioneering technique.

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