Malaysia Airlines, GE Digital Collaborate on Fuel Analytics

Aug 2021

Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the country’s flagship carrier will be implementing GE Digital’s Fuel Insight and FlightPulse aviation software to overhaul and modernize its fuel-efficiency system. The engagement is in line with MAS’s long-term initiatives to meet its sustainability goals while accelerating digital adoption.

Fuel Insight is a cost and emissions monitoring technology that analyzes data from airplanes to form useful insight that can assist boost fuel economy and reduce waste. The software combines flight data with flight plans, load sheets, and fuel uplift data to find the most reachable fuel savings potential and track incremental savings across the operation using GE Digital’s Event Measurement System (EMS) aviation data and analytics platform. Meanwhile, FlightPulse gives pilots direct access to data, allowing them to monitor the fuel savings. Based on the records, the pilots may fine-tune their flying plans to ensure safety and efficiency.

GE Digital’s additional tools and resources will allow MAS to construct its own big data analytics and leverage modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning for data analysis. This will contribute to strengthening the pilots’ capabilities such as making more informed fuel decisions and departure briefings before a flight.

The fuel-efficiency program by MAS has been in running for almost a decade, achieving a 15% reduction of its fuel usage in the last eight years. In addition to fuel efficiency, MAS has tapped into the go-live Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) capabilities since July 2021 to drive efficiency across all parts of its revenue optimization program, by using AI and pricing science at scale.

MAS has been striving to minimize environmental impact, following the publication of a Sustainability Blueprint in 2020 by its parent company Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG). The MAG Sustainability Blueprint aims to promote socio-economic development and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

(Sources:  Malaysia Airlines; The Edge Markets; The Sun Daily)

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