Korean Medical AI Firm to Supply Healthcare AI Solutions to Indonesia’s Largest Hospital

May 2024

JLK, Korea’s premier publicly traded medical AI firm, has forged a partnership with Indonesia’s leading hospital chain Siloam, boasting a workforce of over 3,000 doctors and 8,000 nurses. The collaboration aims to supply medical AI software, a move announced following a business agreement signing at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Under this agreement, JLK will provide medical AI solutions, including brain hemorrhage detection (JLK-ICH) and brain aneurysm detection (JLK-UIA), to Siloam hospitals. Siloam, operating 41 hospitals and 30 clinics, seeks to establish a digital healthcare ecosystem in Indonesia.

This agreement follows a joint effort by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siloam Hospital, and PT Kind Communication (PT) to facilitate the entry of Korean medical AI firms into Indonesia. JLK’s active involvement in the “Doctor Answer (AI precision medical solution)” project, backed by NIPA, contributed to this partnership.

NIPA Director Heo Sung-wook emphasized Korean companies’ global expansion efforts, aiming to enhance Indonesia’s public healthcare environment. JLK plans to leverage its recently launched mobile medical app, “Snappy,” equipped with 11 full-cycle stroke AI solutions, to penetrate the Indonesian market effectively.

With Indonesia as a strategic outpost for entering the Southeast Asian medical AI market, JLK aims for global expansion, including product supply to the U.S., Japanese, European, and Asian markets, pending approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

(Source: Korea Biomed)

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