Johor State Announces Seven Initiatives for Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Jul 2020

Johor Chief Minister Datuk Hasni Mohammad announced that the government of the state of Johor in Malaysia will introduce seven initiatives as part of its economic recovery plan post COVID-19 pandemic. The state hopes to be more economically and administratively resilient in facing the COVID-19 impact through these initiatives.

These seven initiatives are the establishment of Ibrahim Johor Economic Council (IJEC), Johor Digital Masterplan, Singapore-Johor-Riau Growth Triangle Development (SIJO-Kepri), Johor Investment Company (JICO) in Singapore, the New Economic Alignment, Johor Food Bank and the Johor Sustainable Development Plan 2019-2030.

Through IJEC, the state will work with local experts and businessmen to seek short- and long-term solutions for creating jobs and exploring economic opportunities arising from the US-China trade war.

The Chief Minister said that The Johor Digital Masterplan will boost the state’s digital capabilities to be on par with the developed countries, while the JICO office in Singapore will facilitate trade relations between Johor and Singapore. It will also enhance the administrative knowledge and skills of the Johor Civil Service (JCS) staff.

On the New Economic Alignment front, the state will focus on developing activities with economic potential around the state’s west coast through the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project. The 350km rail line would cut travelling time between Malaysia’s capital and Singapore to 90 minutes, compared with more than four hours by car. The project was suspended after elections in Malaysia in 2018. It is expected to stay suspended till the end of 2020, while the two countries carry out discussions.

Meanwhile the creation of Johor Food Bank will accelerate exports of food products to foreign countries. The Johor Sustainable Development Plan 2019-2030 constitutes the seventh phase and will encompass the six previously mentioned projects.

(Sources: Malay Mail; Berita Harian)

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