Italy Prepares Patrol Ships Sales to Indonesia

Nov 2023

Italy is in negotiations with Indonesia for the sales of two of its new PPA multi-purpose patrol vessels, an Italian minister reported to the Defense News. To expedite delivery, the ships to be sold would be among those currently being built for the Italian Navy. The minister also stated that due to regional concerns with China, Indonesia requires additional ships as soon as possible.

Italy has purchased seven multi-purpose warships from Italy’s Fincantieri, with six already launched and three in service with the Italian navy. The Ruggiero di Lauria, the sixth vessel, was launched on October 2023 at Fincantieri’s Muggiano yard in Italy.

The two vessels that may be sold to Indonesia would either be among those that have been launched but have yet to enter service, or they would include a seventh, yet-to-be-launched vessel. The Italian navy would then order two more to meet its own needs.

Italy decided to sell Egypt the remaining two FREMM frigates it was already building for the Italian military in 2020. Rome chose to divert the two ships to Egypt before ordering two more from Fincantieri to bring the Italian navy’s complement of ships up to date.

The 143-meter-long PPA vessels, which weigh roughly 4,900 tons, may be built in various configurations ranging from disaster relief to full warfighting. The ships are renowned for their “naval cockpit” bridges, which were constructed with the assistance of naval aviators to mimic the cockpit of an aircraft and need just two navigators to control the vessel.

The discussions with Indonesia resulted from a visit to the Indo-Pacific area by one of Italy’s vessels, which included stops in the Philippines, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. If an agreement with Indonesia is reached, Italy will transfer technology and know-how. Fincantieri had previously agreed to supply Indonesia with six FREMM frigates in 2021.

(Source: Defense News)

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