INPEX Joins the Rajabasa Geothermal Project in Indonesia

Feb 2023

Japanese oil and gas company Inpex has joined the Rajabasa Geothermal Project in Indonesia through INPEX GEOTHERMAL, LTD., a subsidiary established for the purpose of conducting geothermal business. The project is based in the Rajabasa Geothermal Block in Lampung Province in the southeast part of Sumatra island, Indonesia.

ENGIE SA, Sumitomo Corporation and PT Supreme Energy, a private Indonesian geothermal power generation business developer, have, until now, conducted exploration activities through an investment in PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa. INPEX joined the Project by acquiring 31.45% of the shares of PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa held by ENGIE SA through INPEX

While the project is in the exploration stage, surface and geophysical surveys have indicated a certain potential for geothermal resources. If sufficient geothermal resources are located through exploration activities to warrant its development, this is expected to contribute to the further expansion of INPEX’s geothermal business in Indonesia.

INPEX GEOTHERMAL, which opened a representative office in Jakarta in 2022, seeks to accelerate its initiatives aimed at its geothermal power generation business and proactively engage in energy structure reforms.

(Source: Impex)

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