FGV Enters Animal Feed and Nutrition Segment with ALMA Brand

Mar 2021

FGV Integrated Farming Holdings, a subsidiary of Malaysia’s largest agricultural and agri-commodities company, FGV Holdings Bhd, has entered the animal feed and nutrition business segment with the launch of its new animal feed brand, ALMA.

ALMA’s antibiotic-free product line includes beef and dairy cattle feed, goat and sheep feed, chicken and native chicken feed, natural mineral feed, and additional feed for livestock. Notably, the brand has gained the Food and Drug Administration’s approval for its ingredients such as grains, minerals, and vitamins, and does not contain prohibited waste materials from animals such as blood, bones, or internal organs.

According to Malaysia’s local ruminant data, FGV has supplied 17% of the overall animal feed concentrate demand of 240,000 metric tons (MT) per year. FGV announced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 121% in domestic sales of palm kernel expellers (PKE) and animal feed products, which reached 39,000 MT in 2020 .

The company intends to produce 75,000 MT for 2021, equal to 20% of its annual PKE supply for animal feed, rising further to 150,000 MT or 60% of the local concentrate feed market for ruminant by 2024. The company is planning to partner with more distributors in Peninsular Malaysia to meet farmers’ demand for ALMA products this year.

(Source: FGV Holdings; Malaysian Reserve)