DHL Express Increases Flight Frequency to Penang as E-Commerce Activities Surge

Jun 2021

International express courier, DHL Express continues to see an increase in flight frequencies in Malaysia, resulting from the growth of shipment volumes within the Asian region.

To meet the growing demand, the company has introduced a direct route using Airbus A300 that will operate five times a week from Central Asia Hub in Hong Kong to Penang, Malaysia. Previously, the route went from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh to Penang, thus this new flight intends to reduce the transit times and extend cargo capacity.

Sean Wall, Executive Vice President, Network Operations & Aviation, DHL Express Asia Pacific stated that DHL has been investing in more flight routes and freighters in Asia Pacific to address the issue of limited capacity in belly space. The A300 aircraft to Penang will have an air cargo load of 54 tons per flight and focus on delivering the majority of the orders containing electronic components and parts.

The recent move undertaken by DHL is in coherence with the outcome of its white paper launched in March 2021 on the surge of B2B and B2C E-commerce activities across Asia and globally. It was highlighted that the e-commerce market in the South East Asia region is projected to be valued at USD 172 billion by 2025 based on a study from Google, Temasek, and Bain. In particular, the online-selling-related queries on Google relating to suppliers looking to sell digitally in Malaysia have risen by five times in 2020, and Malaysia’s e-commerce growth is also predicted to increase by 87% every year.

(Source: DHL Express)

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