Canadian LeddarTech to Begin Volume Production of Lidar Solution in Malaysia

Jun 2020

Canada-based LeddarTech, the leading supplier of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology has announced plans for volume production of the LeddarTM Pixell Cocoon LiDAR Module in Malaysia, with manufacturing partner Clarion Malaysia, a member of Faurecia Clarion Electronics. The CEO of LeddarTech Charles Boulanger said that Clarion Malaysia has a world-class reputation and is recognized as an reliable, high-quality, leading Tier-1 supplier for the automotive industry.

LiDAR refers to a method for measuring distances by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflection with a sensor. The technology enables autonomous vehicles to “see” the environment. The Leddar Pixell is based on 3D solid-state flash LiDAR to reach a field-of-view of 180-degree designed and tested for off-road, shuttles, robotaxis, delivery, commercial, and heavy industry vehicles in addition to other robotic and automated applications. It also provides highly reliable detection of pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstacles in the vehicle’s vicinity and is ideal for use in perception platforms that are meant to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable road users (VRU). LeddarTech’s patented technologies are also embedded in the LCA2 LeddarEngineTM, which can produce raw LiDAR data such as distance, position, and intensity of echoes.

At present, key autonomous vehicle providers across North America, Asia, and Europe have adopted LeddarTech’s solution in their production. LeddarTech is proactively looking to strengthen its partnerships with automotive components and solution providers in Asia. In April 2020, the company also collaborated with Chinese integrated optical components manufacturer Sunny Optech.

(Source: Leddartech; Globe News Wire)

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