Australia Sponsors GRAFT Challenge Vietnam to Support Vietnam’s Agriculture

Aug 2021

GRAFT Challenge Vietnam has been recently launched in order to assist promising AgriTech innovators from around the world in expanding into Vietnam. The program is sponsored by Aus4Innovation under Australia’s Department for Foreign Affairs & Trade and is run in collaboration with Vietnamese agricultural leaders from both the public and private sectors. The purpose of the program is to solve the country’s most pressing agri-food challenges.

Nine scaleup companies selected by the program will start receiving GRAFT’s 15-week tailored support. They include AgNext Technologies, Cropln (India), EveryPig (the US), Hillridge Technology (Australia), JalaTech, Koltiva (Indonesia), ListenField (Thailand), Sufresca (Israel) and Tepbac (Vietnam). This phase will conclude with the companies presenting their solutions to Vietnamese agricultural corporations during a roadshow.

The proposed solutions offered in the program will address the most unique challenges in Vietnam’s plantations, aquaculture, and livestock industries. These solutions include Integrated Internet of Things solutions to improve water quality in local aquaculture systems; microbial solutions for environmental-friendly crop management, and microclimate monitoring and control systems for safer and more energy-efficient piggeries.

GRAFT Challenge Vietnam is believed to enhance the collaboration between the Australian and Vietnamese governments, as well as to help to promote new models in public-private partnerships and strengthen Vietnam’s capacity in digital, commercialization, and innovation policy.

(Sources: Vietnam Investment Review, GRAFT powered by Beanstalk)

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