Asia’s First Climate-Controlled Tulip Farm Blooms in the Philippines

Mar 2024

Phinl Corporation, a Board of Investments (BOI)-registered company, has launched Asia’s first and only fully-contained and computer-controlled indoor hydroponic tulip farm in the country. With a capacity to produce up to 6000 stems per batch and room for further expansion, Phinl aims to meet the increasing demand for high-quality tulips in the country. Each stem is grown locally and freshly harvested in the country to deliver to Filipino tulip lovers. The facility directly provides 42 local jobs, with the potential for technology transfer, upskilling, and further growth as the company expands production in the coming years.

The Dutch-Filipino innovative project located in Maddela, Quirino, marks a significant milestone in the local agricultural industry as it is able to grow top-quality tulips successfully in a sub-tropical climate. Tulip flower bulbs are usually found in countries with mild to moderate climates, therefore making the Philippines’ tropical climate an unstable environment for growing tulips due to high temperature and humidity levels. The main raw materials used in the project are tulip bulbs, which are imported from the Netherlands and/or New Zealand, depending on the season or availability. These are stored in a cold storage facility to ensure optimal preservation.

Phinl adopts a technology that is similar to hydroponics, a method of cultivation that does not use soil but instead uses an inert medium to ensure optimal conditions for growth. Tulip forcing is done in a high-tech indoor hydroponic farm equipped with cutting-edge vertical farming technology from leading Dutch specialist partners. Further, the facility operates in a completely closed environment, ensuring full control of temperature, humidity, and light intensity. This unique approach allows for year-round production, constant quality, and higher yields compared to traditional outdoor or greenhouse methods. Phinl Corporation’s climate-controlled tulip farm signifies a remarkable agricultural innovation and showcases the Philippines’ capacity for innovation in the country’s agricultural sector.

(Source: Board of Investments, Philippines)

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