Vietnam Procuring More Czech Advanced Trainer Aircrafts

May 2023

A military procurement agreement is reportedly being negotiated between Vietnam and the Czech Republic that would include more L-39NG advanced trainer aircraft, along with radars, armored vehicle upgrades and firearms. 

The former Soviet satellite state is positioned to meet some of Vietnam’s growing security needs, as its military enterprises excel at retooling and modernizing Russian materiel and frequently manufacture new equipment compatible with Soviet legacy weapons, a skill particularly valued in Vietnam, where an estimated 80% of the local arsenal is sourced from Russia.

Vietnam purchased a dozen L-39NG advanced trainer aircraft in early 2021. The aircraft, built by Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE, will be delivered between 2023 and 2024. In addition to the aircraft, the deal includes training for pilots, instructors, ground personnel, and maintenance. It will also involve the delivery of aircraft spare parts as well as equipment for ground training, logistics support, or specific airport systems. This contract draws on the historically successful supplies of earlier Czech aircraft to Vietnam in the 1970s and 1980s, including the Zln Z-226, AERO AE 45, and the legendary L-39 Albatros aircraft (also widely utilized by private aggressor enterprises). The major aim of the 31 L-39s given to Vietnam by OMNIPOL was to teach fresh cadets.

(Source: Aviacionline)

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