Thailand Post to Launch a Digital Mailbox by Q3 2023

Jun 2023

It has recently been reported that Thailand Post intends to launch a digital mailbox service called Prompt Post by the third quarter of 2023.

This is part of a strategy having the goal of capitalizing on the growing trend of electronic document handling. For instance, Thailand Post invested in IT infrastructure to become an intelligent logistics operator, allocating around USD 64 million in such development.

According to Thailand Post’s chief executive, the company has been actively developing its business to offer comprehensive postal and logistics services. The new digital mailbox system ensures security through identity verification using an ID card system. Only once the identity is verified users can access the Prompt Post service.

The process of receiving and sending documents via Prompt Post is similar to sending regular letters. The main difference is the electronic format. Senders of business-related registered letters must provide an electronic signature. This is in order to guarantee authenticity and prevent forgery. These electronic documents can be used as evidence in court.

The main difference between a digital mailbox and an email is that the latter can receive spam messages or messages from unknown senders. Moreover, Prompt Post is a closed platform, meaning that senders must register first to verify their identity through a process known as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Thailand Post is currently in talks with several Thai agencies to develop the Prompt Post pilot project. Thailand Post is the sole authorized agency with authority to operate certified digital mail and documents in the country.

(Sources: Thaiger; North East Thailand Times)

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