SIT Punggol to Build Largest Private Microgrid in Singapore

Apr 2022

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) has announced that the Singapore Power Group (SP) plans to invest up to an additional USD 6 million to enhance the microgrid it plans to build on SIT’s future Punggol Campus. This enhancement is almost double that of its original planned investment, which was first announced in 2017, and will be the largest private microgrid upon its completion in 2024, as well as the first Multi-Energy Microgrid (MEMG) to be constructed on a university campus in Southeast Asia.

SP will design, build and operate the MEMG to fully support SIT’s energy demands according to electricity generation capacity, supplying more than 2000 MWh of electricity annually from photovoltaic solar panels, equating to 4% of the total energy needs of the campus. The MEMG is customized for Singapore’s tropical climate and will provide a sandbox environment to testbed Singapore’s future energy system while minimizing risks of disruptions to operations, integrating electricity, thermal and renewable sources of energy into a unified smart energy network.

With the new investment, the microgrid will be enhanced to integrate various low-carbon solutions, including building-integrated photovoltaics and distributed energy storage systems. Both SIT and SP will also jointly design a system that can further island buildings and certain floors from the national grid, and allow for different building management systems to be tested and deployed.

(Source: Singapore Institute of Technology)

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