Singapore LNG Corp and Linde Gas Singapore sign MoU to Develop CO2 Liquefaction and Storage Facility

Jan 2022

Singapore LNG Corp. Pte Ltd (SLNG) and Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the feasibility and development of a Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Liquefaction and Storage Facility, located adjacent to the SLNG Terminal on Jurong Island. The project concept involves the use of cold energy from the SLNG Terminal’s operations to liquefy CO₂. The project will combine Linde’s and SLNG’s expertise in carbon capture, liquefaction, as well as cryogenic storage and handling solutions.

Initially, the project will target to liquefy, store and transport CO₂ for the project partners. However, in the future, it can potentially be scaled up to handle CO₂ from more sources, with an open-access, multi-user concept. If feasible, this could be the first such facility of its kind in Singapore and the region where existing cold energy from SLNG is used to liquefy CO₂, thereby directly capturing CO₂ which would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.

According to SLNG, the project allows the company to support new solutions for a lower carbon future, in step with the Government’s Singapore Green Plan 2030. It allows SLNG to realize its cold energy recovery objectives with a two-fold benefit – cold energy recovery with high efficiency, as well as effective liquefaction and storage to reduce CO₂ emissions.

(Source: Singapore LNG Corp Pte Ltd)

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