SATS Invests USD 150 Million in Jurong Innovation District

May 2022

SATS Ltd. (SATS), Asia’s leading provider of food solutions and gateway services, has started a lease agreement with JTC to build an innovative food hub in Singapore’s Jurong Innovation District.

While growing internationally, SATS has long been planning to strengthen its culinary hold in Singapore. The USD 150 million project is expected to exhibit SATS’ expertise in food technology, supply chain, innovation, sustainability, digitalization, food safety and nutrition, and improve the current food production process. The focus is on automation and robotics to heighten efficiency.

Example, processes in the hub could be linked with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide data that would help plan better and reduce food wastage. Robotics could be utilized in meal assembly and production on a large scale to decrease manual labor and cut costs. There are also plans to include educational tours in the facility, on food innovations and sustainability.

Kerry Mok, president and chief executive officer, SATS Ltd., said, “SATS Food Hub’s location in Jurong Innovation District allows us to tap into Singapore’s innovation ecosystem to develop new products and services. Automating our meal production processes changes the landscape significantly to benefit our customers, suppliers and business partners. It will enable us to implement hi-tech food production to achieve cost efficiency, strengthen operational resilience and create greater opportunities for upskilling our people. Through our investments in innovation and automation, SATS aims to help local businesses that we are working with to innovate and scale their operations cost-effectively to compete internationally.”

(Source: Aviationpros)

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