PT Meratus Line Collaborates to Create Indonesia’s First Maritime Logistics Super App

Mar 2023

In February 2023, Indonesia’s maritime and logistics operator, PT Meratus Line, announced a partnership with Google Cloud and PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk to enhance its customer focus and drive digital innovation within the company. The collaboration involves Meratus utilizing Google Cloud’s open data cloud and working with Metrodata’s technical know-how to create Indonesia’s first maritime logistics ‘super app’ and integrate artificial intelligence into its operations.

Meratus has now moved its digital assets from physical data centers to Google Cloud’s ecosystem. They automate app deployment using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and eliminate internal data barriers with Google Cloud’s Apigee API management platform. As a result, Meratus now offers its services to customers through a single app interface. Users can view current vessel schedules, make bookings, receive confirmation notifications, and track cargo locations while at sea.

With its database running in Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Meratus is turning to pre-trained Vision AI and machine learning (ML) models for computer vision, language, and structured data on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. By leveraging these pre-built ML frameworks, Meratus’ tech team can fast-track the development of demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, and predictive maintenance tools.

These AI-driven tools will give Meratus’ operations team detailed and immediate insight into vessel and shipping container supply and demand. This will allow them to match the right resources with the appropriate shipments, making the most of vessel space and cargo capacity. Additionally, Vision AI will analyze sensor data to detect patterns indicating equipment wear and tear or degradation. This enables staff to determine the remaining lifespan of logistics assets and schedule maintenance proactively, lowering equipment downtime and costs while increasing safety and operational effectiveness.

(Source: CIO News Southeast Asia)

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