Offshore Wind Energy is a Now Priority in the Philippines’ RE Portfolio

Feb 2024

The Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) has recognized offshore wind energy as one of its key focus within the nation’s renewable energy (RE) sector.

In a statement in January 2024, DOE Undersecretary Rowena Cristina Guevara shared that a World Bank study unveiled the possibility of 178 GW of offshore wind potential in the Philippines, resulting in numerous service contract applications.

However, developers have pinpointed four crucial factors for short-to-medium term success in offshore wind projects. These factors encompass a transparent regulatory framework for permitting and seabed leasing, a competitive market with dedicated support, timely availability of transmission systems and interconnection facilities, and ports equipped for storage, assembly, construction, and operation of offshore wind farms.

In response, the DOE and its national government agency collaborators are collaborating on establishing an ecosystem for the offshore wind power sector, aiming to achieve operational status for the Philippines’ inaugural offshore wind project before the current administration’s term concludes in 2028. This is already on track as at least 10 offshore wind projects with 6.72 gigawatt (GW) capacity are already expected to generate power by 2028, according to Undersecretary Guevara. The projects are located mainly in north Luzon, west of Metro Manila, and various areas in Mindoro, Panay, and Guimaras Strait.


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