German and Turkish Companies Engaged to Customize Frigate Design for Indonesian Navy

May 2021

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic nation, is looking to renew and increase the strength of its naval arsenal. Indonesian state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL has engaged German naval consultancy, MTG Marinetechnik, and Turkish engineering firm FIGES AS to customize a new frigate for the Indonesian Navy.

Founded in 1980, PT PAL’s line of business includes building and repairing ships, barges, and lighters. The company is now in talks with Marinetechnik and FIGES to customize a variant of the Iver Huitfeldt class, which displaces 6,600 tonnes at full load and is powered by four MTU 20V 8000 M70 diesel engines. Iver Hitfeldt can sail in the ocean at speeds of up to 30 knots with a range of 16,700 km. For weapons, the ship is originally equipped with an Oto 76 mm gun at the front, a 35 mm stern close-in weapon system (CIWS), and a vertical launch system module (VLS) for anti-air and mid-surface missiles.

Marinetechnik and FIGES are tailoring the class-derived design and recommend a range of sensors, weapons, and other combat systems to meet the Indonesian Navy’s specific requirements.

(Sources: Naval Post; Jane’s Defense)

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