Ericsson Selects Penang for Its First 5G Manufacturing Supply Chain Plant in South East Asia

Sep 2023

Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunication giant, has inaugurated its 5G production facility in South East Asia in Penang, Malaysia, in partnership with the American electronics and supply chain firm, Flex. The state-of-the-art facility is set to produce Ericsson’s innovative 5G radio equipment, featuring the energy-efficient Massive MIMO antenna-integrated radios.

David Hägerbro, the head of Ericsson for the region, emphasized the company’s contribution to advancing Malaysia’s digital leadership goals. He highlighted Ericsson’s enduring dedication to the nation from 1965 and its beneficial influence on the local economy through job creation and knowledge transfer. Furthermore, Ericsson’s steadfast commitment to enhancing Malaysia’s digital infrastructure is evident through its numerous initiatives, aligning with Malaysia’s vision of digital preeminence.

The Penang state, widely called the “Silicon Valley of the East”, is positioned to immensely benefit from this collaboration, amplifying its prominence in the electronics sector. In 2021, Ericsson established a significant foothold in Malaysia by being chosen to build the 5G infrastructure for Digital Nasional Berhad, a government-link organization leading the country’s 5G efforts. This emphasizes Ericsson’s crucial role in shaping the future of telecommunications in Malaysia.

(Sources: Ericsson; New Straits Times)

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