ENGIE to Design District Cooling System for Punggol Digital District

Mar 2019

French multinational energy company, ENGIE, has been selected by JTC Corporation, Singapore’s principal developer and manager of industrial estate, sand Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to design the district cooling system (DCS) for the upcoming Punggol Digital District. JTC Corporation is the Master Developer for Punggol Digital District. 

Punggol Digital District will be the first district in Singapore to adopt a single integrated masterplan approach that brings together a business park, a university and community facilities. This is to create synergies, enable close integration between industry and academia, as well as foster vibrant and strong communities. The district will house key growth sectors of the digital economy such as cybersecurity and digital technology to create an ecosystem of open innovation.

The interconnected DCS plants, which will be housed at SIT’s future Punggol Campus, will be designed by ENGIE to serve JTC’s and SIT’s development as well as the community facilities, delivering stringent energy efficiency requirements to the digital district, with a total cooling capacity of approximately 30,000 RT (105 MW).

In March 2018, ENGIE announced an SGD 80 million investment in Singapore to develop its Centre of Expertise for District Cooling over the next five years. The funds are expected to help develop new, innovative district cooling projects across Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. ENGIE operates more than 320 low-carbon urban heating and cooling networks in 20 countries including Malaysia, Philippines and New Zealand. 

(Sources: ENGIE; Singapore Business Review)

(Image credit: JTC Corporation)

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