Dutch Sustainable Materials Specialist Inaugurates Center of Excellence in Indonesia

May 2023

Dutch sustainable materials specialist Solinatra and Indonesian company ATMI IGI have opened a new Center of Excellence in Surakarta, Indonesia. The Solinatra-ATMI Center of Excellence is an educational institution aiming to support Indonesia’s shift from polluting plastics to totally natural, biodegradable materials. The Center of Excellence will focus on providing training and will position Indonesia as a leader in the manufacturing of biodegradable products by combining ATMI’s technical skills and Solinatra’s novel materials.

ATMI Polytechnic has offered vocational education since 1968, focusing on manufacturing, design engineering, and mechatronics. It was recognized as the pioneer of the Indonesian high vocational education model by the Jacobs Foundation in 2009 and was awarded as the Best Practice of the 50-year Swiss Skills Up Development Program in 2022. The construction of the Solinatra-ATMI Center of Excellence, now in conjunction with Solinatra, will educate a new generation of students on the processing and injection molding of a new generation of materials.

Solinatra is an entirely sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, appropriate for manufacturing packaging and goods free of fossil-based plastics. Solinatra’s unique bioplastic materials are 100% natural, entirely biodegradable, and compostable. This exciting collaboration of scientific and technological cooperation will foster a more sustainable future, aligning with SDGs and net zero objectives.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populated country and the second greatest plastic polluter. With over 17,000 islands and 81,000 kilometers of coastline, the issue of plastic pollution in rivers, oceans, and beaches is acutely felt in the country. In 2020, Indonesia set ambitious targets to be entirely plastic pollution free by 2040, and to cut marine plastic waste by 70% by 2025.

(Source: SP News)

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