Orissa International assisted a US Pennsylvania-based biotech company in finding potential partners to support the clinical trial of its broad antiviral medication to treat infections such as dengue and COVID-19. The medication has already been awarded two patents by the US government, and works by repurposing a widely available drug – mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) – and administering it at lower dose than currently indicated. Our in-house consultants targeted potential partners and connected the client to several organizations, including government institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other related research institutions. In Singapore, our team connected the client with the country’s largest cluster of healthcare institutions which supports commercial partners in the early phase of clinical research. In Malaysia, our team also facilitated communications for COVID-19 clinical trials with a government-funded medical institution, as well as with the Malaysian government’s agency that conducts and supports clinical research in the country. Also, our Vietnam team also connected the client with a state-owned enterprise engaged in researching, manufacturing and trading of vaccines and biological products.