A government-funded trade association that promotes energy innovation in the UK, reached out to Orissa International to organize their second round of virtual trade mission and to help UK companies set up and facilitate virtual business matching with Thai companies. In their last year’s virtual trade mission, we facilitated 8 participating companies to meet with 4-5 companies. This time, the virtual trade mission was participated by 4 repeating participants and 3 new participants that are innovators in energy optimization, offering a unique array of products and services for solar, energy storage,  EV charging, bioenergy, among others. In the course of the program, the repeating participants were able to re-establish discussions with the local companies they met with as well as make presentations to new potential partners. The first-time participants, on the other hand, were able to introduce their solutions to end-customers and distributors. Our team in Thailand contacted around 100 Thai companies and arranged 31 meetings in total with an average of 4-5 meetings set for each of the UK companies–a mix of private companies,  government-owned companies and state agencies.