Orissa International carried out research for five companies from Michigan that are looking to join a trade mission to Southeast Asia. Each company works in different fields – we had a company that makes braking systems for big vehicles, another distributes water filters and treatment devices, one that deals with waste handling and recycling equipment, one that produces gym sports equipment, as well as a manufacturer of advanced composite materials. For each of these companies, we created a customized report. These reports looked into markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and provided valuable insights into the dynamics of each market, identifying key local importers of their products, source countries, and the competitive landscape. Our reports analyzed the trade flow and assessed the potential of their products in Southeast Asian markets.

For the companies that had not traveled to these countries before, we included additional helpful information, including an economic overview of their target market, an understanding of the local business culture, travel regulations, and a detailed examination of key sectors, and a list of key buyers.