Orissa International undertook market research in Indonesia for a Finnish firm that enables the manufacture of cement-free concrete through the recycling of industrial waste such as fly ash, ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) and red mud. The client was searching for precast manufacturing companies in Indonesia to license its technology. They engaged us for market research and business matching services in support of its plans. The market research component was comprised of two parts – 1) analyzing the construction materials sector, including cement, precast concrete, ceramic tiles and brick producing industries and 2) studying the value chain of the relevant waste streams and understanding their production from steel, alumina and power sectors, as well as current utilization/disposal, product pricing, and location of waste processors and suppliers. We also provided information on regulations related to the handling and processing of the relevant waste streams. The research project was accompanied by a simultaneous business matching project to connect the client with precast concrete manufacturers in Indonesia. The profile of the precast companies also took into account the research findings regarding regulatory and logistical challenges.