Orissa International delivered a 150-page report on wood in the Philippines, with a focus on softwood, to a Canadian provincial government export promotion agency. The report was prepared through a combination of secondary and primary research in the form of in-depth interviews with wood importers/distributors, building contractors and architects. The report identified the reason for a spike in Canadian softwood imports to the Philippines. It also analyzed domestic timber production, imports and exports of wood products and the domestic wood processing industry and covered the usage of wood in general, and softwood specifically, in the construction and furniture manufacturing sectors in the country. In addition, the report provided information on the tariff and non-tariff barriers to the imports of softwood from Canada and the costs of getting wood to the end-user, including in-country logistics. Finally, the study recommended actions in terms of collaborations with leading local manufacturers, distributors and retailers, to address misconceptions regarding the durability of wood in the climate conditions and extreme weather events of the country and highlighted areas where the province could support the local development of wood treatment technologies.