The client is a leading Singapore-based manufacturer of fruit juice concentrates and cordials, and coffee premixes. The company operates in the B2B market, supplying its products in bulk to food stalls, restaurants, hotels and event venues. It also offers OEM and ODM beverage manufacturing services to meet the customized requirements of restaurants and for supermarkets looking to develop house brand products. The client is seeking market entry into Vietnam for a market research and business matching project. The market study covered the beverage retail sector, focusing on market trends and the prevalence of house brands in supermarket chains. It also analyzed the food service sector and looked at beverage manufacturers in Vietnam from the perspective of potential competitors, as well as partners. Detailed information was provided on product registration and labeling requirements and import tariffs. The market research is being followed up with the arrangement of business meetings for the client with distributors of food products and ingredients to the food service and beverage manufacturing sectors.