Orissa International conducted a campaign to help find export leads in Malaysia and Thailand for hardwood exporters in Pennsylvania, USA, a state that leads in the production and export of hardwood lumber, such as red and white oak, ash, walnut, maple, cherry, among others, in the country. We undertook a survey of Malaysian and Thai importers of hardwood to learn about their requirements, in terms of the quantity, grade, quality, size, species, and other relevant specifications. We then matched them to suppliers from Pennsylvania who are able to supply the requirements of each company. In total, we were able to identify 9 wood buyers – 6 from Thailand and 3 from Malaysia – and recruited 8 wood suppliers from the Pennsylvania State. We arranged 26 email introductions and 8 videoconference meetings for some Thai companies who had expressed interest in meeting the suppliers virtually. Orissa International is the authorized trade representative office of the Pennsylvania Government in Southeast Asia.