Orissa International successfully organized a business matching program for a caviar supplier aiming to expand into the Thai market. The program focused on identifying suitable distributors in Bangkok with access to premium food markets, including 5-star hotels and fine dining establishments. We conducted comprehensive research to identify potential partners, considering factors such as import capabilities, business models, and product portfolios. This research led to the identification of 78 potential distributors, with 28 shortlisted for further engagement. Through outreach efforts, we connected with key decision-makers, presented the supplier’s offerings, and assessed their interest. As a result, our client met with 8 distributors who expressed interest in collaboration. Discussions with the potential partners revolved around various topics, including product quality, sizes and pricing. Each meeting resulted in a unique set of action items, including data sharing, exploration of import processes, and plans for product sampling, highlighting promising opportunities for market entry and growth. This marks a significant milestone in the supplier’s efforts to introduce their caviar products to Thailand.