Orissa International undertook a business matching project in Thailand and the Philippines for an American manufacturer specializing in bioluminescent reagents and water quality test meters. The project involved identifying potential business partners through an extensive search process, which included assessing their market positions and compatibility with the client’s products. Orissa’s team in-market teams contacted these companies to pinpoint key decision-makers, shared the client’s credentials, and prequalified their interest to ensure a productive match. This preparation led to six strategic meetings with various companies in Thailand, ranging from established chemical distributors with international ties to ISO-accredited laboratories and innovative water quality testing firms. In the Philippines, the client met with 4 potential partners, which included providers of laboratory services for environmental and water quality testing, distributors of materials testing and laboratory equipment, and suppliers of specialty chemicals. The comprehensive approach facilitated by Orissa International enabled the client to engage directly with significant industry players, fostering opportunities for distribution and collaboration in the two markets.