Vietnam Strengthens Partnership in Cancer Research with Belgium

Mar 2023

A seminar on life science and health in Vietnam was co-hosted by the Belgian Vietnamese Alliance (BVA) and IBA, a leading Belgian company in particle accelerator technology and a provider of tools and services for proton radiation therapy.

According to Proton Therapy Sales Director at IBA, in Vietnam, proton radiation is the most advanced technology in cancer treatment. Military Hospital 108, a leading hospital in the country, now hosts the first 30-MeV Cyclotron accelerator center in Vietnam thanks to funding from the Belgian government.

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is leading to increased trade between Belgium and Vietnam, according to Minister-President of the Wallonia region. He emphasized that Wallonia’s strengths lie in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Almost 80% of its overall exports to Vietnam are in the form of shipments of biotechnology and medicine. The Minister-President highlighted that cancer research and treatment advancements made by IBA will provide Vietnamese hospitals with all-encompassing remedies. IBA is providing equipment to over half of the total cancer hospitals in 40 countries. It is operating three cyclotron accelerator centers in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a priority market because of its sizable population, significant expenditure on healthcare services, and high demand for drugs and medical supplies. Vietnam is also becoming a leading medical hub and exporter of drugs and medical supplies thanks to 15 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) it has inked with 60 different nations.

(Source: VietnamPlus)

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