Thailand’s EGAT Charts Its Green Energy Future

Aug 2023

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) recently highlighted how the state-owned enterprise is aiming to diversify energy sources, optimize green initiatives for carbon reduction, and invest in the expansion of Thailand’s transmission infrastructure.

At the end of 2022, EGAT counted a total generating capacity of 16,920 megawatts from 53 power plants, representing over a third of Thailand’s total capacity. The company’s carbon dioxide reduction target for the first quarter of 2023 is 0.1292 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, and it is expected to reach the goal of 3.36 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by the end of 2023.

EGAT has put forward what is branded as its Triple S strategy, which focuses on lower carbon emission sources, co-creation of projects to absorb carbon dioxide, and energy efficiency mechanisms to prevent carbon dioxide emissions.

Regarding transmission system and infrastructure, EGAT recently started the commercial operation of the Bang Pakong combined cycle Unit One and Two replacement project with a total capacity of 1386 megawatts. Another key milestone for EGAT was the successful commercial operation of the world’s largest hydro floating solar hybrid project at Sirindhorn Dam, with a capacity of 45 megawatts.

This hydro floating solar hybrid project at Sirindhorn Dam is intended to serve as a model for the development of similar initiatives, with a goal of reaching a total production capacity of 10,416 megawatts from renewable energy sources by 2080.

Furthermore, EGAT created new companies, such as EGAT Power and EGAT Innovate, which aim to partner with startups in exploring innovative business opportunities. The company is also expanding into the electric vehicles (EV) solutions market, focusing on smart energy solutions and research and development.

(Source: Asian Power)

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