Orissa International supported a Malaysian company specializing in the production of hair color, hair wax, and scalp care products for both FMCG markets and salon professionals. The company is recognized for its GMP-certified manufacturing practices and holds accreditation from the Ministry of Health Japan, ensuring the production of high-quality hair color products tailored to the Japanese market. During the business matching process, our team prequalified numerous potential partners before narrowing down the selection to arrange six meetings for the client in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The meetings were with a diverse range of potential partners, including distributors of global beauty brands, health and beauty care specialists, high-end hair cosmetics importers and distributors, and companies focusing on men’s hair care products and salon services. The meetings were strategically designed to explore collaboration opportunities, facilitating the expansion of the Malaysian company’s presence in the Vietnamese market. With our support, the client forged valuable partnerships and seized emerging opportunities in the Vietnamese beauty industry.