Our US-based client, founded by a team of specialized scientists, plays a significant role in the research, development, and manufacturing of rapid and non-invasive diagnostic tests for various gastrointestinal issues and infections. The organization holds notable industry certifications, and its portfolio includes innovative diagnostic reagents for certain bacterial infections and tests for other health issues including parasitology and intestinal inflammation. Orissa International assisted the client in Thailand by conducting research to identify various stakeholders within the healthcare, life sciences, and biotechnology sectors in the country. Our in-market team in Thailand then carried out a calling program to prequalify their interest. This initiative successfully linked our client with potential partners, including a group that imports and distributes diverse scientific and medical products, a holding company entering the gastrointestinal sector with an extensive doctor network, and a global firm with a considerable presence in Southeast Asia. Additional connections were established with a firm specializing in infection and genetic testing kits and a healthcare organization centered on diagnostic products.