Thailand Launches New Free Zone in Chao Praya River

Feb 2024

In January 2024 the Bangkok Port Authority unveiled a new Free Zone in the Chao Praya River area, dedicating 24,000 square meters of warehousing and container yards to enhance services in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Mr.The Director General of the Port Authority of Thailand, officiated the inauguration ceremony, attended by representatives from WCAworld, a leading network of independent freight forwarders, and members of Full Well Freight, a large Thai logistics company.

The initiative aims to benefit importers, exporters, international freight forwarders, service providers, and customers by offering improved logistics and transportation services. During the ceremony, memoranda of understanding were signed between the Port Authority of Thailand and Sahathai Terminal, as well as with Boxman (representing Oknha Mong Port, Cambodia), to support the movement of goods for exporters and importers in Thailand and beyond.

Full Well Freight, a WCAworld member in Thailand, made history as the first freight forwarder licensed to operate within the Free Zone, featuring a dedicated warehouse and container yard. These facilities streamline goods consolidation, manage domestic distribution, and facilitate re-export to third countries, ultimately reducing storage times and shipping costs. The strategic location near major shipping lines ensures shorter transit times for road, rail, and air connections.

The establishment of the Bangkok Port Free Zone aligns with the sustainable development plan of the Port Authority of Thailand. Emphasizing collaboration with both private and public sectors, the Port Authority is committed to developing the area to support the contemporary economy. Dan March, CEO of WCAworld, expressed satisfaction for Full Well Freight being granted the first license, acknowledging the new Free Zone’s significance in facilitating business growth in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

(Source: Logistics Manager)

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