Southeast Asia’s First Tidal Power Generation Plant in the Philippines

Mar 2024

Energies PH, Inc, in collaboration with its affiliate, San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation, is spearheading the development of Southeast Asia’s inaugural tidal power generation plant. Located on Capul Island in Northern Samar, Philippines, the project harnesses the marine currents of the San Bernardino Strait. With the assistance of Inyanga Marine Energy Group for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, the 1MW tidal power plant, utilizing HydroWing tidal stream technology, is slated to commence operations by late 2025. This endeavor marks a significant milestone in the region’s renewable energy landscape, offering a sustainable and reliable alternative to conventional fossil-based power generation.

The deployment of the HydroWing tidal stream turbines on Capul Island’s remote locale addresses the pressing energy needs of an off-grid community currently reliant on a 750 kW diesel power plant. The project’s first phase involves integrating the tidal power plant into a microgrid network alongside Solar PV and energy storage systems. This holistic approach aims to provide a dependable, environmentally friendly, and cost-competitive solution, thereby contributing to the establishment of sustainable communities in remote areas across the Philippines. Energies PH envisions replicating this model in several off-grid sites nationwide to enhance access to essential services such as education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities.

The project has garnered praise for its potential to revolutionize the region’s energy landscape and uplift the Capul community. With plans for additional tidal power generation sites in the pipeline, including San Antonio Island and Calintaan Island, the initiative underscores a commitment to sustainable development and energy security in the Philippines.

(Source: International Water Power)

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