Smart Energy Provider 3DOM Establishes Regional Office in Singapore

Oct 2020

3DOM, a Japan-based smart energy solutions provider, has established its South East Asia regional office in Singapore to oversee business development and fundraising activities outside of Japan. Through this office, 3DOM will offer its Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) products to developing nations in South East Asia.

South East Asia is home to some 670 million people, and its electricity demand is expected to increase from 47 GW in 2020 to 130 GW in 2030, much of which is expected to be renewables. Although South East Asia’s recent growth in electricity demand has been at an average of 6% per year — among the fastest in the world — grids remain unstable in many nations, providing ample room for 3DOM’s BESS products to assist in the development of best practices in energy consumption in the region.

3DOM will offer 2 versions of its products – on-grid BESS and off-grid Bess. The on-grid version is used in large power grids to enable better stability while the off-grid version operates as a stand-alone system to store energy for facilities that do not have access to a main grid. Both versions will make use of 3DOM’s own Lithium Rechargeable Battery Technology.

To facilitate its entry into the South East Asian market, 3DOM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Conny One, a market-leading independent system integrator, and Greentech International, an electricity distributor. Both companies will be engaged for the design and development of the BESS, as well as the installation and commissioning of the BESS at their respective sites.

(Sources: 3DOM)

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