Singapore Food Agency to Develop High-Tech Agri-Food Cluster

Oct 2020

To ramp up local food production, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced that the Lim Chu Kang area, a largely undeveloped area in north-west Singapore, will be developed into a high-tech, highly productive, and resource-efficient agri-food cluster. The master plan, spanning about 390 hectares (ha) of land, will be undertaken in consultation with stakeholders and completed over the next two to three years. Development works are expected to commence in 2024 and will be carried out in phases.

The cluster is expected to improve production levels in the existing farms in Lim Chu Kang. Currently, an average vegetable farm in Singapore occupies around 2 ha of land and produces about 130 tons/ha/year. In contrast, a high-tech, high-productivity vegetable farm has the potential to produce over 1,000 tons/ha/year with less than one hectare of land.

This master plan is an advancement of Singapore’s “30 by 30” food production goal which targets 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs to be locally produced by 2030. This goal will ensure that there is a buffer supply of safe and fresh food, especially produce such as eggs, fish, and leafy vegetables. Currently, Singapore imports more than 90% of its food supply, which makes it vulnerable to disruptions in the global supply chains.

To support the development of high-tech farms, SFA is also looking into the development of shared facilities as well as water, electricity, and transport infrastructure. Furthermore, SFA is also looking into how it can conserve the use of resources and minimize waste in high-tech farms.

(Source: Singapore Food Agency; TODAY Online)

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