Malaysian Firm to Invest USD 20 Million for Cattle Raising and Milk Production in the Philippines

Aug 2023

Malaysian dairy company Farm Fresh Berhad is working with the Philippine government for its planned investment of USD 20 million for cattle breeding intended for milk production and is looking for 200 to 400 hectares of land available for lease.

In a meeting with the company officials in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. welcomed the idea of large-scale cattle raising in the Philippines for milk production, activities that are underdeveloped in the country.

The company is currently looking for a viable area with a land requirement of 200 to 400 hectares contiguous farmland to lease to raise 2,000 milking cows. Batangas and Laguna (specifically, the University of Philippines-Los Baños campus in Famy) are the target locations.

With USD 20 million investment, Farm Fresh eyes to commence its operations by 2028 with an estimated employment of 200 local workers. The company’s farm facility for milking cows is part of its new projects in the Philippines. It also has an ongoing construction of 6,000 square meter dairy processing facility in San Simon, Pampanga, also intended for fresh milk production. The USD 5 million facility is slated to be operational this year, with an estimated employment of 50 local workers. Farm Fresh’s investment will set up processing facilities for imported milk ingredients from Kyabram facility (Australia) and will focus on the chilled ready-to-drink market initially in Metro Manila.

A fully vertically integrated dairy producer operating across Malaysia and Australia, the company is currently in the process of registering with the Board of Investment (BOI). Farm Fresh Milk Inc. is its Philippine subsidiary. The company operates five dairy farms in Malaysia and one in Australia and also maintains two processing facilities in Malaysia, and one in Australia.

(Source: Philippines Information Agency)

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