Malaysia to Spend USD 31 Million to Upgrade 400 Healthcare Facilities

Jun 2024

Malaysia’s Health Ministry announced that a total of 401 projects aimed at upgrading health clinics and other healthcare facilities across the country are currently underway in 2024, with an estimated cost of MYR 150 million (USD 31 million). Particularly in Sabah, where many hospitals and clinics are reported to be in a deteriorated condition, there is an urgent appeal for increased funding to improve health services.

In Sabah, 55 of these projects are currently in progress, totaling MYR 21.5 million (USD 4.5 million), and are expected to be completed by year’s end. The Sabah Health Department is prioritizing projects such as the construction of the Sikuati health clinic in Kudat, and upgrades to outpatient departments at Papar and Tambunan hospitals.

The Health Ministry has received one of the largest increases in allocation for Budget 2024, totaling MYR 41.2 billion (USD 8.7 billion). Of this amount, MYR 5.5 billion (USD 1.17 billion) is designated for procuring medicines, consumables, reagents, and vaccines. Additionally, MYR 300 million (USD 63 million) is earmarked for upgrading 400 clinics that still have wooden structures and outdated wiring. Furthermore, MYR 766 million (USD 162 million) will fund the procurement of medicines in Health Ministry hospitals, the replacement of irreparable equipment, and the fulfillment of needs in new service areas. Another MYR 150 million (USD 31 million) is allocated for maintaining the information technology system, crucial for digital health records accessible in only 3% of health clinics nationwide. An additional MYR 50 million (USD 10.6 million) will cover reimbursements for medical devices such as heart stents.

(Sources: Free Malaysia Today; The Star)

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