JFE Engineering, Berjaya Group to Develop Hazardous Waste Treatment Center in Malaysia

Aug 2021

Japan-based J&T Recycling Corporation and JFE Engineering’s local subsidiary, JFEE Malaysia have invested in Berjaya Alam Murni Sdn. Bhd. (BAM), a Berjaya Corporation Berhad-owned company, to develop a Sustainable Scheduled Waste Treatment Center (SSWTC) project in Malaysia.

The SSWTC’s thermal treatment incinerator plant will be built by an EPC consortium of JFEE Malaysia and Tsukishima Engineering Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. J&T Recycling will operate the thermal treatment incineration plant after construction is completed. The facilities will commence operations in July 2022, followed by the thermal treatment incineration plant in July 2023. The project will take place at the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill in Selangor state.

Founded in July 2019, BAM focuses on developing and operating SSWTC that includes thermal treatment incineration, cement solidification, and a secure landfill for the safe treatment and disposal of hazardous waste liquids/solids, waste oils, medical wastes, and other types of industrial hazardous waste.

JFE Engineering has proven an established track record in project engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning for more than 200 plants around the world. In Malaysia, it has been in business since 1984 and was involved in the key pipeline systems, powerplant, WTE, and wastewater treatment plant projects.

On the other hand, J&T Recycling has developed expertise and technologies by operating various incineration plants in Japan. This collaboration is intended to boost the development of effective and appropriate hazardous waste treatment plants in Malaysia, considering that the country has had a number of incidents of environmental pollution caused by industrial hazardous wastes in the past years.

(Sources: JFE Engineering; Waste Management World; Department of Environment Malaysia)

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