Indonesian Company Bets on A2 Milk Market

Oct 2023

Private equity firm Growtheum Capital Partners just announced a strategic partnership with PT ABC Kogen Dairy. KIN Dairy is a vertically integrated dairy manufacturer producing yogurt and milk products under the brand “KIN” and also operates one of the largest and the only A2-cow dairy farm in Indonesia, counting 3,000 cows. A2 milk is understood to be easier to digest by the human gut due to the difference in its amino acid strand structure compared to the general cow milk (A1 milk).

KIN’s yoghurt Slurp, which features Disney’s Frozen and Toy Story characters and made with imported MB11 Lactobacillus d. Bulgaricus bacteria culture from Bulgaria, is the first in market in Indonesia. Located in the highlands of West Java, the company’s dairy farm has one of the highest yields of milk production in Indonesia.

With increasing demand for nutritional products on-the-go and a low dairy consumption per capital, Indonesia is expected to be amongst the fastest-growing dairy markets globally.

The Senior Managing Director at GCP highlighted how KIN Dairy’s commitment to product innovation represents an attractive opportunity for GCP to realize the market opportunity, highlighting how KIN Dairy has a strong platform to aspire for market leadership in the dairy sector in Indonesia.

According to the two parties, this partnership combines sector expertise with a long and proven legacy of building trusted consumer brands in Indonesia.

(Source: Growtheum Capital Partners)

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