Indonesian and Vietnamese Companies Collaborate on Smart Cloud for AI Development

Aug 2023

Home Credit Indonesia, a tech-based financing firm, has commenced a collaborated with FPT Smart Cloud, a Vietnamese artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and cloud services provider, in a strategic partnership aimed for AI advancement in their business. This partnership signifies the commencement of a collaboration centered on incorporating AI technology into Home Credit’s operations. While its collaboration with FPT Smart Cloud, the financial services firm intends to leverage cutting-edge AI solutions and expertise to enhance its services, optimize operational efficiency, and provide unmatched customer experiences.

The core of the partnership revolves around the AI Chatbot project, set to transform customer interactions and support. This Chatbot’s linguistic capabilities allow it to understand and respond to inquiries in multiple languages, including Bahasa Indonesia. It offers personalized assistance, instant query resolution, and promotional broadcasts to Home Credit Indonesia’s members. The AI Chatbot paves the way for improved self-service options, enabling customers to access account information and conduct transactions at their convenience.

Interestingly, FPT Smart Cloud teamed up with the Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya in Indonesia to enhance its AI capabilities, concentrating on precise language processing and top-notch performance. This collaboration aims to create language processing engines designed exclusively for Bahasa Indonesia, encompassing both text and voice aspects.

Together with Home Credit Indonesia, Lazada Group is also strengthening its AI capabilities. One such initiative is LazzieChat, an eCommerce AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. LazzieChat, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, answers shopping queries and acts as a personal shopper by offering personalized suggestions and product recommendations based on user inquiries.

(Source: Marketing-Interactive)

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